Doom projectile sprite

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Doom projectile sprite

Evolution Of DOOM

SpriteShadow Duke3D Shadows v1. Works with all monsters and players, for any game and with any mod. Autoload ready.

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Requires GZDoom 4. Update July 10th version 1. This means the shadow actors do not get written into saved games. Might help with multiplayer saved game stability. Spoiler: "Old Updates" Update December 29th version 1. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Last edited by Nash on Wed Jul 10, pm, edited 32 times in total.

I've wanted something like this for a long, long time! Dumb question, but just to make sure, would it be all right if I nicked it for use in my own projects?

TerminusEst Have fun! It's like a puzzle game! You'll probably solve it first, but I still like fiddling and experimenting.

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Thank you very much again for this! Last edited by TerminusEst13 on Wed Jan 18, pm, edited 1 time in total. Hopefully you figure out a way to do this for everything. It's only monsters that generate this effect in Duke, right? And it won't cover mod monsters without manual intervention.

The whole point of putting it in Actor is so that every monster in any mod, ever, will have the functionality, because when it boils down to it, everything you place in the map descends from Actor. Simply checking for bIsMonster is enough to filter the effect to only happen on actual, living monsters So don't worry, the shadows won't be spawned for items, decorative stuff, etc It looks good in screenshots, but actually playing is incredible.

I never knew how much I needed this until now. This tiny change makes Doom look so much better. I really want to make this modular and be autoload-friendly, so I'll just wait for "extends Actor" to be possible. I also could submit it as a GZDoom feature but I think that's way out of scope for base engine functionality. Will be fixed for next version. Board index All times are UTC.Revenants are monsters introduced in Doom II that are easily recognized by their high-pitched shriek.

They take the form of very tall animated skeletons in silver metal body armor equipped with shoulder-mounted missile launchers, and blood and gore running down their legs. Their running movements are a herky-jerky approach akin to a stringed puppet. According to the manual: Apparently when a demon dies, they pick him up, dust him off, wire him some combat gear, and send him back into battle.

No rest for the wicked, eh? You wish your missiles did what his can do. Revenants fire two varieties of missiles, unguided and homing. The homing missiles can be distinguished by a gray smoke trail. During melee combat they can also strike a blow with one of their large fists, complete with an exaggerated punching sound effect. Revenants have a unique characteristic unlike any other monster that has a melee attack: when the distance to its target is less than unitsthe revenant abandons its missile attack completely and attempts to close to melee range; if attacked and hurt however, it will still immediately counter-attack with a single missile.

When killed, a few of the revenant's bones will shatter and the monster will simply fall on its back, one of the cleanest monster deaths the player will come across. The revenant's missiles are powerful and when homing, particularly hard to dodge when out in the open.

Fortunately, the pain chance of a revenant is high, so a chaingun will generally suffice against a single monster, preventing it from attacking. Two solid blasts from the super shotgun will reliably kill a revenant. It is advisable for the player to keep moving in order to avoid distant missiles, and if pillars, walls, or other obstacles are available, then they will be useful as barriers for stopping homing missiles.

The homing missiles are very difficult to outrun, but if the player is able to strafe to the side and then forward just before being hit, the projectile may not be able to come around again. This tactic is especially useful if the player has backed up against a wall, as the missile will impact the wall before it has a chance to orbit for another pass.

Another way to dodge them is for the player to slide behind an obstacle or around a corner. The revenant's missiles are uniquely spawned 16 units above the center of its body, in order to accommodate for its shoulder-mounted launchers.

This makes the demon capable of firing over obstacles behind which the player might otherwise be safe. The revenant is fast on its feet, so players must be sure to keep their distance.

If they do not, the melee attack of the revenant delivers a fiendishly powerful blow that can easily crush the player with a few hits. For players with good movement skills however, the knowledge of the revenant's unique melee strategy see above can be abused to render them essentially harmless at close range. Berserk punching is effective, and can fell a revenant with as few as two hits. Still, because there is always a danger of the revenant retaliating with a missile, tackling them in melee is strongly discouraged for novice players.

On harder difficulties, they are often found in large groups, especially out in the open. When fighting groups of these towering skeletons, it is useful to use a plasma gunthe BFG or a rocket launcher. In monster infightingrevenants excel in ranged and positional combat, especially if the terrain restricts their opponent's movement or ranged attack efficiency, while their homing projectiles will reliably score hits over long distances and across height differences.

At close range however, they fare substantially worse due to their low health and high pain chance; a mancubus or Hell knightfor instance, can waste a revenant fairly easily. In the IWADs the revenant is first encountered on these maps per skill level :.

Of the maps covered on the Doom Wiki, the following have the highest numbers of revenants in single-player:. In Doom RPGthe revenant appears as a class of monster.Video by JimpArgon. Go subscribe! With my projectile bullet variation included. To be specific: Pistol's firing animation is smoother Super Shotgun's reload is slightly smoother Minigun's reload has more "weight" added to it -Voxels have been added for the four shell pickup if you play without the individual shell system -ACS scripts inside have been redone - scripts now use NamedWithExecute so as not to conflict with map scripts -Zombieman, Shotgun Guy and Chaingunner now use the same weapon sounds as the player.

Shell system in action! Spoiler This system provides benefits - if you are full on shells, you can save them, and come back to them later. The way they look is randomized as they spawn - they don't all spawn in the same pattern.

Permission granted to use resources. If I've missed any credits please let me know. Download for own enjoyment. Update by me Progress is still being made on the projectile bullets. Most recently I've been able to give the player's bullets a visible pitch, along with a lot of small tweaks here and there. If you're interested in the newest, most experimental build, you can get it here.

Keep in mind that it's still in-progress and for the moment being it's less playable than Alpha 2. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Recommended Posts. Gamer With Dignity. Posted November 20, This system provides benefits - if you are full on shells, you can save them, and come back to them later.

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Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now.They control various characteristics of your actor, from appearance to behavior or the actor's physical properties.

To use, simply specify the property and any associated values on its own line within the actor's definition and outside the state block. Obituaries are messages displayed in the log when a player is killed by a monster, projectile or weapon. The following placeholders can be used within the string itself:.

Monster Resource WAD

The actors defined in zdoom. Subclasses of Actor may have additional properties. Most notably, Inventory and its own subclasses such as Weapon do; they are listed with their respective classes. PlayerPawn also define its own properties. Note that all of Inventory's subclasses Ammo, Weapons, etc.

The Inventory base class defines the following properties which are available to all inventory subclasses:. The PowerSpeed base class defines the following properties which are available to all subclasses:. All the Powerup propertieswhich they override, and in addition the following ones:. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

ZDoom mods Finished mods Mods in progress. This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat If you are asking questions about a project, either find that project's thread, or start a thread in the General section instead.

Got a cool project idea but nothing else?

doom projectile sprite

Put it in the project ideas thread instead! Projects for any Doom-based engine especially 3DGE are perfectly acceptable here too.

Please read the full rules for more details. Also originally created by JPalomo; see this ZDoom forum thread for more info about it. Not necessary at all on most modern-hardware machines. Credits for The Zombie Killer, the original author. For more further details, check the text files included in the ZIP's Addons and Patches respective folders. Also you can use it with some auto-generated wads or megawads by Oblige or Obhack tools, so the fun can be almost endless! Well, as presumably and like many other existing mods, it adds plenty new things and features respect from the classic Doom.

In general terms, monsters are a bit harder in this mod than in classic Doom, but also the player weapons are quite more powerful than classic ones.

Player starting weapon is a special pistol named Z-Gun, which has infinite ammo, but it's globally weaker than the rest of weapons, so like in Hexen game, it's better using it at first on weak enemies and save collected ammo for harder foes in latter levels. Also, some monsters have some special resistances depending of their nature elements fire, ice, electric, stone or poison so also some weapons can be less effective versus them than other ones. More details in the mod's Help Screen! There is also the possibility of meeting some special powerful allies to help you killing enemy hordes.

Doom 8x Sprite Project v0.3 addon

Big bosses Cybies and SM types I mean will release a special prize for defeating them, a Mistery Box that can hide a lot of precious items or a nasty surprise, depending of your luck.

So well, all those features and some more not detailed here can be encountered in the mod, so if you're curious and want to discover yourself the rest of them, I recommend to download it and play it.

Hope it will be a good and fun Doom experience for you! PK3 files provided in GZDoom's main folder for a better experience in game.

doom projectile sprite

PK3 within the mod, some of them may get missing. So don't think bad, I'm absolutely not earning any money from it in any way, not even in the hosting and downloading file action. Just please enjoy and play, OK? On the other hand, if you find the size of the HXRTC HUD is too small, you should open GZDoom's HUD Scaling Options and tweak the Fullscreen HUD override option to the most suitable value for your computer this can vary quite a lot depending on your current screen resolution, so try several values pressing Left or Right cursor arrows until you find the most appropriate setup for you.

You're the best! If I'm missing some credits to anyone, please just contact me at: hexereticdoom gmail.

doom projectile sprite

Please tell it to me! Please don't cheat!

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Last edited by Hexereticdoom on Mon Mar 23, pm, edited times in total. Glad to see your back, and with this add-on Using it immediately. I've played through it a bit with Doom 1 and 2, and to be honest it feels too easy at the moment. You might need to just throw some tougher monsters in there, or maybe bring the default HP cap to or or something.

Any idea on whats wrong?The demons came and the marines died. Except one. Your are the last defence against these hell-spawned hordes. Prepare for the most intense mutant-laden, blood-splattered action ever! The texture-mapped virtual world is so real, you don't just play DOOM - you live it.

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I found that there might be useful method for making HD sprites for ZDoom. The added HD elemnts are mainly base don artwork to be fouind on internet or md2 models. So before ill publish it ill have to get authors permission!!! I posted some in Brutal Doom section but decided to make new topic.

Actor flags

I dont know if it makes any sense to continue my work if anyone is interested in help etc I have all vanilla animation for this monsters done including some brutal doom stuff. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

I'm not sure if anyone is upto to speed but thief isn't working on this anymore, he was leading the project but stopped because of irl stuff. He didn't make this alone, but some help from The Morden and Yaheshua. This version is of course incomplete, the Arachnotron and Spider Mastermind haven't had HD treatment. It seems to have popin issues with Brutal Doom v Blox, Pelle and Mathey Bu are good spriters Forum. BJ Vynz also helped out with HD transformation. Maybe I will do some of it when I feel like doing computer art again.

This is awesome please continue your work, I love all of them except the pinky demon, and its not that I don't like it, I like the preview work the one with blood stained teeth and whiter more vanilla eyes.

Please continue. Thank you for your talent. I sincerely hope you're still working on this. I just tested it on GZ, and it ran perfectly. It's exactly what Doom needs! Can someone please tell me how to get the mod working? Like I have it installed and it runs fine but what options do I need to tinker with in the menu?

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Doom id Software Released Add addon Doom 8x Sprite Project v0. Location Games : Doom : Addons. Filename DoomHDvThe Monster Resource WAD is a creation from the ZDoom community, spearheaded by Kara Rader Nanami and providing several new monsters to the Doom bestiary; which have since found their way to several other mods. It eventually was superseded by the Realm "Beastiary".

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The custom monsters are split into two parts: possessed zombies are placed in humans. Both are found in the same zip archive, as well as two demo maps allowing to test the monsters. The afrit not to be confused with the Hexen afrit is a fiery-red flying variant of the baron of Hell. It has no legs, instead its lower body is made of flames and sparks.

It has a variety of fire-based attacks and is constantly orbited by two flaming meteors similar to those it can throw at its enemies. The sprites were created by Espithough the attack frames were based on those created by Kristus for the "arch-demon" in Nimrod: Ixnay on the Hombre.

Its behavior was coded mostly by Nanami. Originally created by Quasar for the defunct Eternity TCthe arachnophyte is a weaker spider mastermind whose legs have been replaced by jet thrusters, allowing it to fly. Coming from the Skulltag roster, this is a dark-red baron of Hell with black leg fur and thrice as much health as a Hell knight.

Another Skulltag monster, this is a cacodemon Jack-o'-lantern has twice as much health and fires a faster projectile. It has been given a new sprite set edited by Lexus Alyuswhich shows them as bright orange, hollowed cacodemons with the eye plucked out and lit by a black candle placed inside of them. Using original sprites by Vader and code from TheDarkArchonthese undead cacodemons are available in two versions that differ only in their attack types.

Created by Nanami from the spider mastermind chassis and the cyberdemon 's upper body, this monster combines both of Doom's boss monsters into one. There are three variants of the dark imp concept. All have twice as much health as the regular imp and the same recolored imp sprites, however they vary by their attack patterns.

Nanami's own version shoots a homing projectile; the Skulltag version shoots a fast projectile; and the Void version which, in Void itself, was merely a reskin of the undead warrior from Heretic randomly shoots either a weak or a powerful projectile.

Visually similar to Skulltag's abaddon, this gray cacodemon created by Tormentor attacks with a spread of three fireballs. Two small flying creatures created by Espi from Hexen sprites, with code by Nanami. The dragon familiar, based on scaled-down and cleaned up death wyvern sprites, has a ranged breath weapon; the bat familiar, using the bat SFX from Hexen, is limited to melee attacks.


Based by Graf Zahl on the Mordeth enemies that use the same green-colored Hexen afrit sprites, this is a basic enemy, similar to the afrits and fire gargoyles : it flies and shoots fireballs.

A creation of Espi, based on the Hell knight's legs and the Heretic ophidian 's body, it attacks by throwing volleys of bright yellow projectiles from its staff. Using sprites created by Torm based on the recolored body of a Hell noble with black skin and white leg fur, and a head taken from the beta lost soul, this monster has been coded by TheDarkArchon to use two different projectile attacks. Another Hell noble wielding equipment, this creation of Tormentor is a baron with a copperish tan skin carrying a recolored centaur shield.

Originally a concept from Nick Baker 's Doom Beastiary by Espi, it was completed by Espi and given its combat behavior by Nanami, alternating between five different attacks, including the ability to summon familiars. The sprites are created using elements from several Hexen sprite sets, notably the centaur and the cleric.

Originally a simple reskin by Vader of the baron of Hell in The Rebirththis winged Hell noble becomes a stronger monster able to fire up to three fireballs at once. An edit of the beta lost soul by Tormentor, coded by TheDarkArchon. Bright blue but mostly transparent, it is very fast and aggressive. Its death throes likewise throw plasma in all directions.

A recolored baron created by Nanami and limited to melee attacks. This gray-colored imp created by Tormentor is originally a reskin of the Heretic nitrogolem.

Created by LilWhiteMousethis is a boss monster similar to the spider mastermind in design. A scorpion-like robotic chassis equipped with a chaingun stinger and a rocket launcher claw, with a green brainhead shaped somewhat like that of a shark or lizard.


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